About the hosts!


Hey there! We're Eddy and Aleks, co-founders and owners of Melbourne based wedding DJ business One More Song. We're partners in business and life!

We started One More Song as a side hustle in 2017. Both of us came from corporate backgrounds, working in marketing and sales. Eddy started DJing a gazillion years ago and worked for a couple of entertainment agencies, both as an entertainment manager and a DJ.


He eventually moved to working in One More Song full time, teaching Aleks to DJ. Both of us have worked at weddings most weekends over the last few years but in 2021, Aleks took the plunge and quit her 9 to 5 job for good. No regrets!

Even with a year without gigs, our business has been a full time income source for both of us. We've worked hard on our brand and learnt from mistakes along the way. Now on Project Engaged, we want to share our experiences - and insights from our industry network - with other wedding suppliers.

We're always looking for new ideas from our community, so if there's a topic you want us to cover, or you want to feature on our podcast yourself, get in touch via our Contact page!

We also offer one-on-one (well, two-on-one) mentoring sessions for our listeners and wedding service providers who are ready to level up their business!

Fun facts about Aleks & Eddy


We're both ex 9-to-5ers! Our backgrounds are in marketing, PR, business development and sales.


Our fave holiday destination is Ibiza, Spain. The last time we went was in 2019 - and we can't wait to go back!


Aleks is from Sydney originally, while Eddy hails from Adelaide (or Radelaide, as we like to call it).


We met on Tinder in 2015! Don't judge!


We have one fur baby - an adopted kitty named Khaleesi.