Want wedding business mentoring?

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Are you a wedding service provider stuck in a rut or just starting out with your own business? Do you like what we've discussed on our wedding industry podcast and feel like a chat to see how you can apply some elements to your own biz baby?


We are now offering one-on-one (well, two-on-one), 90 minute mentoring sessions for our Project Engaged listeners!

What happens during a wedding business mentoring session?

Our 90 minute mentoring sessions are held as a video call. You will get both Aleks and Eddy, One More Song co-owners, for the full hour and a half.

We'll send through a questionnaire beforehand to get more background about your business and find out which areas you'd like to focus on during the mentoring session.

If you need help in areas we aren't the right fit for, we'll let you know upfront! We want you to come away feeling refreshed, inspired and full of knowledge you can apply to your business right away.

How much does a wedding business mentoring session cost?

A 90 minute session with both Eddy and Aleks is $550 (AUD) incl. GST.

Payment is due 7 days before the scheduled session.

After your initial mentoring session, if you'd like a follow up call to go through some of your actions, let us know. We can arrange a shorter session for some extra accountability!

I'm keen! How do I schedule in a mentoring session?

Get in touch with us via our Contact page or email us at hello@projectengaged.biz. We'll respond and organise the session at a time that works for all of us!

How we can help in your wedding business mentoring session!

Identify and articulate your unique point of difference in the market.

Refine your service offering and packages/pricing.

Talk through a plan for your marketing efforts to attract your ideal clients.

Discuss areas for improvement in your business operations.

Streamline your client journey from initial enquiry through to post event communication.

Anything else you've heard us talk about on the Project Engaged podcast that you want to flesh out!