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5 activities to keep you productive in lockdown!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

BONUS EPISODE! In Episode 10, we expand on an Instagram post we did recently talking about 5 ways you can keep yourself productive while locked down (thanks COVID).

We've put together some ways you can work ON your business when you're not able to work IN it.

Side note: we appreciate that we live in a culture where productivity is revered, which is not always a good thing. If you prefer to binge on reality TV shows with a bag of chips and a bottle of wine to get you through lockdown, DO IT. These are just tips for those of you who have ants in their pants and feel better at least getting some work done!

Check out our 5 activities underneath the podcast player.

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1. Ask recent clients for a Google review

How are your Google reviews going? It's the perfect time to follow up with clients who gave you glowing feedback over email or in an Insta comment, but never left an official review. (PS - if you don't have a Google business listing yet, do that first!).

2. Write a "real wedding" blog post for your website

If you're stuck on blog topics for your website, we can't recommend this enough. For non-photographers, go back over your recent bookings to see which weddings you have photo galleries for. Then write about those weddings! Check out wedding directories' real wedding write-ups for inspo (like Ivory Tribe). We've written a ton of real wedding blogs on our One More Song website too. Make sure you mention other vendors (eg ALWAYS credit the photographer) but also go into detail about your particular contribution to the wedding.

3. Create/schedule social media content for when it's busy again

When you're working three back to back weddings later this year, you'll thank us! Use the time to photograph, film and write for social media posts that don't have an expiration date (eg helpful tips for couples and behind the scenes of your business). Have a play in Canva or try filming a little reel! You can create drafts in most social media platforms, use the platform's own scheduling tools or try out social media scheduling apps (eg. we use an app called Tailwind to both create and schedule our Pinterest content).

4. Organise your photos and videos from past weddings into albums

You've probably got loads of gorgeous photos and videos you've taken on your phone from previous weddings. Putting them into albums will help future you! We use Google Photos to organise our albums. We then have easy access to photos and videos for social media content when we're stuck on something to post!

5. Use the time to LEARN. Read blogs, listen to podcasts & watch YouTube!

There are so many free resources out there to help you develop skills for your business. Curious about SEO? Google have tons of helpful articles. Need some marketing tips? Follow marketing coaches on Instagram - they always offer super practical tips on their accounts.

PS - We mention APIs. We were totally wrong about the acronym, but right on what an API is! It stands for "application programming interface" (not "additional plug-in", as Aleks says on this episode!) and is basically just a connection from one piece of software to another.

Links mentioned in this episode

  • Graphic design app for DIY design: Canva.

  • Free Google digital training courses for small businesses can be found here.

  • Getting started with Google Photos.

  • We use a Pinterest scheduling app called Tailwind. You can also schedule Instagram content through the app.

  • Another popular social media scheduling tool is Later.

  • Shout out to our industry mate Jim from Jimbo's Amazing Photo Booth. We've used many of his glitzy backdrops at home for filming videos and taking pics!


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