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A strategic approach to content marketing (and Pinterest!) with Rachel Waring

In this episode, we welcome our first international guest, Rachel Waring! Rachel is based in the UK. She's a wedding stylist turned strategist, helping creatives blend visuals and sales.

Rachel specialises in Pinterest training and content creation and has created online training to help business owners achieve the same success she's had with Pinterest.

She's also the co-host of a podcast for creative small business owners called The Business Proposal Podcast. This is how we first came across Rachel, and we've since had one-on-one coaching sessions with her to teach us about Pinterest and help us set up this podcast. (We highly recommend one-on-one sessions with Rachel - they're super practical! We have gotten so much out of our sessions).

On this episode, we pick Rachel's brains about content creation, being your own art designer and how to get started on Pinterest!

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  • Focusing only on platforms like Instagram means you're nurturing your existing audience, not necessarily attracting new people. Having a content marketing strategy is about introducing new people to your business by providing value before they even know who you are.

  • Having valuable content for your business allows you to sell without having to put on the hard sell we all hate!

  • When you're thinking about design, find a style you can stick with for your visual content! Pick a couple of fonts and stick to your brand colours. Keep it simple! Find inspiration from everywhere, not just the wedding industry.

  • Pinterest is a "visual discovery engine" - it's the second biggest search engine after Google. More businesses who want to look beyond just Instagram and Facebook are starting to use it as a promotional tool. Weddings are huge on there and it's often one of the first places couples go to to plan their weddings.

  • The platform publishes posts called "pins", which act as a gateway to your website content as each pin contains a link, taking Pinterest users directory to your website.

  • Pinterest can help your SEO in general, because the content linking to your website is relevant to the keywords users are searching for, and also because individual pins can come up on Google searches.

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