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Cait + Andy's journey to finding their perfect wedding tribe

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This northside Melbourne couple got hitched in epic style and spoke to us all about it!

Bride and groom smile as guests throw flower petals in a brick walled venue. Photo is on a blue graphic with podcast episode title.

In our first "Couple insights" episode, I chat to Cait and Andy, whose wedding I played at in May 2021. Oh, and I was joined by the wonderful Kenny on sax!

Cait and Andy have very particular tastes and were careful in selecting their team of suppliers. In this episode, they share the process they want through in choosing their dream team, how they worked through two postponements and some simple but very important tips for all wedding suppliers operating in these uncertain times!

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I personally had no less than three planning meetings just to talk about the music! I loved working with Cait and Andy and it really confirmed to me how important a good fit is for positive working relationship - both on the supplier and client side.

Cait is also a family photographer and shoots some weddings, so has a really good perspective of the wedding planning process from both sides! (You can check out her photography website here).

Shout out to all of the suppliers mentioned in this episode: She Takes Pictures He Makes Films (whose pic can be seen in this blog post's photo!), Toko Events, Bangin' Hangins, North St Botanical, Mitchelton Wines, Wedshed, Easy Weddings and of course, One More Song!

PS - if you want to check out the music I played at this wedding, I've uploaded my entire DJ set on Mixcloud. You can listen to the background (dinner) tunes here, and dance floor set here!


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