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S2, Ep1: Embracing the CEO mindset with Laura from The Love Biz Academy

Updated: Feb 16

It's our first episode of season 2! And what a cracker! We chat to Laura Canham, who's a celebrant and director of wedding education and mentoring business The Love Biz Academy.

In this episode, we chat to Laura about her own journey from celebrant side hustler to full timer and now wedding biz coach as well as sharing some tips on how to develop a CEO mindset, which we're so passionate about!

The themes in this episode carry on from Season 1 - it's all about "finding your people", developing solid systems and processes and thinking like a professional business owner!

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Links to resources mentioned

  • Check out Laura's website The Love Biz Academy for more information about her wedding business education programs and offerings. She has a 6 week course, a 6 month mentorship program and a one-on-one coaching offering!

  • You can follow Laura on Instagram and slide into her DMs - she loves a voice note!