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Episode 22: Building a killer brand with Killer Queen Creative

In Episode 22 we speak to hair and makeup artist Danee Bolan from Killer Queen Creative, who has built an amazing brand and network with her business.

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Danee (originally from Perth, but now in Melbourne) has always had a passion for hair and makeup. Hair and makeup was a side hustle for some time while she worked the 9-5 grind. After the birth of her first son, she decided to take her small business full time, re-brand and create a movement. Enter Killer Queen Creative!

We speak to Danee about her branding and vibe and how she was able to jump into her business full time.

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Key takeaways

Here are some of our takeaways from this episode:

  1. You'll know when the time is right to go full-time!

  2. Niching down will help you find your people.

  3. Pay attention to what your potential clients are looking for.

  4. Be absolute with your brand.

  5. Empower your potential clients to make a decision.

1. You'll know when the time is right to go full-time

For Danee she realised that the right time for her to take her hair and makeup side hustle full time was after the birth of her first son. She'd been working full time and made the decision that she wouldn't go back to work, but instead take the plunge 100% into Killer Queen Creative. The birth of her son was the catalyst for her!

2. Niching down will help you find your people.

When you niche down, you'll find your people. For Danee, this meant finding couples that are all about the party (and not so much about tradition). It also allowed her to find like-minded suppliers in the industry that created her ecosystem and lead to referrals for the right clients.

Niching can be scary as (especially when you're starting out) you may lose some business. When you're a business owner there is no rulebook and a lot of the decision making is "by feel". Backing yourself with your decision making and following your passion were two things Danee highly recommends to forge your own path when niching down.

3. Pay attention to what your potential clients are looking for.

Asking plenty of questions in your initial interactions with potential clients will help you find out whether you're a good fit for each other and share each other's vibe (we love this word, it's used extensively in this episode!).

Asking who the couple's photographer and celebrant are will generally give Danee a great idea of the couple's vibe and whether they're a good fit for her. She also provides plenty of information in a PDF document that her couples receive after making an enquiry through her website.

4. Be absolute with your brand.

If you are appealing to everyone with your brand, you are distilling your offering, and it can be harder for the right people to find you.

The more absolute you are on your brand, the more you will connect with the right couples. The more consistent Danee has been with her brand aesthetic and core offering, the more of the right clients she's booked.

Obviously when you're starting out, it's harder to be choosy with your clients.

But as you niche down, the better the quality and the more people you will attract, as your offering is more clear.

5. Empower your potential clients to make a decision.

Make it as easy as possible for couples to make a decision on choosing you as their supplier for their wedding day. There is so much information out there and it's hard to navigate it all sometimes!

Danee has an info pack that goes out to all of her potential clients after they've made an enquiry that includes all the information they need to make a decision on choosing her. With a background in graphic design and copywriting, Danee is helping other hair and makeup artists in creating their own info packs. Make sure you get in touch with her if you have been sitting on your info pack/client welcome guide and need some help!

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