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Episode 23: The benefits of meditation for event professionals with Jazz Kalus

In Episode 23, we talk about something a bit different! We are excited to welcome Jazz, who is a Melbourne based meditation teacher with her own business, Jazz Kalus Meditation.

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Jazz is a full time social worker and has seen meditation being used as a tool to support people with stress, anxiety and depression.

Her business Jazz Kalus Meditation has different meditation offerings including a 3 day "Learn to Meditate" course and free group meditation.

On her website, she says "The more I meditate, the more me I become".

Being in the wedding industry and running your own business can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, so we were very keen to hear some tips from Jazz about how meditation can help manage this!

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Key takeaways

1. Meditation is an amazing way to take care of our minds.

Meditating regularly is like brushing your teeth, but for your mind! It's a way to train our brain to stay in the present moment and release stress and fatigue from our system.

Our minds are our most precious assets, yet we don't prioritise looking after our minds.

For Jazz, the most notable benefits of meditation have been increased energy, being able to quickly recover from a stressful day, more calmness and a feeling of being present, an increased feeling of awareness (being able to notice thoughts and feelings and therefore being able to understand what she needs to support herself) and better/deeper relationships.

Other physical benefits include improved sleep (something all of us wedding suppliers will definitely need in 2022!), boosted memory, attention and immune system and lower blood pressure. Psychological benefits include reducing stress and anxiety and an increased sense of purpose.

2. Meditation is becoming more important in today's society.

We have a mental health crisis. The pandemic has intensified this as we're all dealing with new emotions and stress/anxiety-inducing situations. Going in and out of lockdown is difficult in itself.

Jazz has found that her meditation practice has prepared her for everything that comes her way.

3. Meditation is about preparing ourselves for life, not for meditating!

A lot of people think that having a meditation practice is about getting better at meditating, but it's actually to better prepare us for all the things that come our way once we open our eyes!

4. There is an increasing focus on children's mental wellbeing.

Jazz has had parents approach her about their children learning to meditate, which is a trend she is increasingly seeing in the mainstream.

5. We can't stop our minds from thinking.

There is a common misconception that you have to completely stop your thoughts to be meditating "correctly", but this is false. This myth stops a lot of people from meditating!

All meditating experiences are of equal value and beneficial. It's not about passing judgement, but more about observing your thoughts.

6. Seeing the benefits of meditation requires commitment and consistency!

To feel the full force, you do need to maintain a regular meditation practice.

Finding someone to meditate with you, like a friend, or someone to guide you, like a meditation teacher, can help to motivate you to meditate regularly.

Jazz recommends doing a practice for 60 days straight to get started. Once you've done that, you'll have the data as to why you should keep doing it as you'll have experienced the benefits yourself.

Schedule your meditation in like a meeting! Jazz meditates twice a day for 20 minutes each (once in the morning and once in the afternoon).

Most importantly, understand WHY you are meditating. This will keep you motivated.

7. Meditation helps us see our truer selves.

Quieting down the internal chatter allows us to see ourselves more fully and flourish, not be guided by fear! When you keep doing it, you can be "more you"!

Links to resources mentioned

  • Aleks uses a free meditation app she mentioned on this episode called Insight Timer.

  • You can follow Jazz Kalus Meditation on Instagram here.

  • See more info about Jaz's offerings on her website here.

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