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Episode 24: Using Instagram to grow your business with Kryshla from Shall We Social

In Episode 24, we talk about a topic that we know a lot of you will find really beneficial - Instagram, specifically delving into Instagram reels!

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Love it or hate it, Instagram is an extremely important marketing tool for businesses in the wedding industry and to get maximum results, you need to be on top of new functionalities and what's resonating with users.

We are very excited to announce our guest today - Kryshla Salaris. Kryshla is an Instagram Coach and the founder of Shall We Social. She helps service-based business owners grow their gram game via coaching + online courses. On her LinkedIn profile, she says "Reclaim your time and say goodbye to Instagram overwhelm". Yes!

Kryshla comes from a corporate background and started her own biz in 2016.

What we love about Kryshla is she really breaks down Instagram and offers super practical tips that anyone can follow. There are some phoneys out there, but Kryshla is THE REEL (get it?) DEAL.

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Key takeaways

  • Whether or not your Instagram reel goes viral is not important. What's important is that you're reaching the right people with content that's relevant to them and they'll engage with.

  • A good tip for reels is to always add text using the reel editor itself. This is increasingly important as Instagram moves towards more of a keyword SEO model.

  • InShot is a great video editor where you can add music and sleek transitions before uploading your reel to Instagram.

  • It's important to show your face on Instagram reels so that your audience can connect with you and get to know the person behind the brand.

  • This doesn't mean you have to point and dance on camera! Other ideas for reels include tutorial reels and intro reels for your new audience to get to know you (you can use the green screen feature where you talk in front of an image or video).

  • When you include still images in your reels (eg a slideshow of photos), make sure there is always some video element included.

  • You can also create animated graphic reels in Canva, but always make sure to add text using the native Instagram reel editor so that Instagram picks up your keywords.

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