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Episode 25: DJ Eddy Mac on why he stopped working for entertainment agencies

In Episode 25, we try out a different format, where Aleks interviews Eddy about his experience before starting our business One More Song!

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This episode is for DJs who are thinking about going solo.

We talk (with great passion!) about why we think if you want to nail it as a wedding DJ, working for an agency may not be right for you.

Eddy has been there and done that. He worked for two large entertainment agencies for a number of years, both in the office and as a contractor DJ.

In this episode we delve into what that was like and why he decided to branch out on his own (with Aleks joining shortly after!).

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Key takeaways

  • Working as a DJ for an agency means less client interaction.

  • It's hard to negotiate a higher pay rate with an agency (whereas you can easily give yourself a pay rise when you work for yourself!).

  • As a contractor DJ, if things go wrong on a wedding, you may be expected to take the blame.

  • If you want to make it as a volume-heavy multi-op business, you need to have robust systems in place to deal with busy periods. You also need to have a clear point of difference to market yourself effectively and avoid being involved in a price war with other agencies who are using the same entertainers.

  • If you're craving more client connection and interaction and want to get paid better and choose the work you take on, venturing out on your own may be right for you!

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