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Episode 27: Our wrap up of season 1 of Project Engaged!

We made it! Our last episode of season 1! What a ride it's been!

In our final episode of season 1 (omg!), we chat about some of the main themes that came across during the podcast. These were all related to having a business that you LOVE!

The main topics and themes that came across again and again were:

  • The importance of brand and marketing.

  • Finding your people.

  • The importance of your network.

  • Client service.

  • Mindset.

Listeners got in touch with us over the last 5 months and told us that they want to hear more of the following:

  • SEO!

  • Legal side of business.

  • More about making the jump from side hustle to full time biz.

  • Marketing, marketing, marketing! More about finding your unique selling point and differentiating.

So it's safe to say that we have our work cut out for Season 2, which we'll kick off sometime into 2022! Until then, it's been an absolute pleasure on the podcast. Thanks again to all of our listeners!

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