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How to build a network of loyal brand supporters with Cut A Rug DJ

In this episode, we welcome our first wedding entertainment guest, Cut a Rug! WOOHOO!

Aaron Duncan aka Cut a Rug is a one-of-a-kind DJ who caught our attention for his epic dance floors and huge party vibe. He's based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and specialises in weddings, events and other private parties, from Sydney to The Whitsundays, New Zealand and beyond!

If you've seen his Instagram, you'll see that he lives up to the tagline on his website: "Sicker than your average". He's definitely inspired us for our business One More Song and is the perfect offering for couples who want a party DJ for their wedding.

There are many things that stand out about Aaron but one that particularly strikes us is the brand advocates he has. You could call them super fans! You'll often see Instagram stories from celebrants and photographers who post a photo of Aaron's set up before the wedding's even started because they're so excited to have him there. The same goes with clients and guests.

In this interview, we chat to Aaron about his career and how he's gone about building an incredible amount of support for the Cut a Rug DJ brand!

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  • As a wedding supplier, you've got to bring the energy that you expect back from people.

  • Keep it real! When you're showing prospective couples who you are as a brand, be true to yourself and let that filter through to everything you do (not just your marketing!).

  • Aaron always makes sure he speaks to all the other vendors at a wedding and is helpful. This is one reason he has so many brand supporters outside of his client base.

  • Look further afield for inspiration for your brand. Aaron references US based DJs - The Flashdance - who get flown to play weddings all over the world. They've been a huge inspiration for him.

  • Keep innovating and evolving so you don't get stale!

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