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How to tap into creativity and do things differently with photographer Oli Sansom

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In Episode 8, we chat to wedding photographer Oli Sansom (aka Briars Atlas), who we see as a true leader in the industry!

Oli is an armchair anthropologist, fascinated with all of the weird, wonderful, large and small things that make us human. According to Oli, it turns out that a lot of these things are on display when we celebrate and engage in ritual - and of course, weddings are one of these rituals. Oli has become the choice for folks wanting creative coverage of their wedding everywhere over the world. He's won more awards than we can count. He's been shooting weddings for 8 years and also lectures internationally. There are incredible wedding photographers but Oli definitely stands out to us as someone who creates true art out of the most mundane moments. In this episode, we chat to Oli about mindset, tapping into creativity and how to do things differently.

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Main takeaways

Look outside of the wedding industry for creative inspiration when it comes to your brand! And whatever your peers are doing, do it differently. This is how you'll really stand out.

Work on your website SEO and use it to align yourself with the types of weddings you want to be involved in, eg the venues you want to work in, the suppliers you want to be alongside, etc.

When it comes to sharing your personality, make it authentic, but also don't be afraid to jump into "character" - this is part of your brand.

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