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How we conduct client discovery meetings for One More Song!

In Episode 16, we (Aleks and Eddy) go in depth about the client discovery process (ie the initial chat/meeting we have with prospective couples).

Female sitting at desk with headphones on, smiling and looking at a computer screen with a couple during a video meeting.
Aleks on a real video call with one of her couples!

What is it? Why and how do we do it? And what have we learned? We cover all of this in depth on this episode.

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Why have a client discovery meeting?

A client discovery meeting is a mutual "interview" between you and a prospective client (or in the case of a wedding business, a prospective couple). It allows you and the couple to get to know each other, scope out the booking properly and ultimately, increase your chances of booking by showcasing your wonderful personality!

Whether they're done in-person, as a video chat or a phone call, when done properly, these meetings are incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons, which we cover in this episode!

With COVID-19 restrictions causing havoc on wedding dates and suppliers being squeezed for availability, it's more important than ever that any new bookings you take on are for couples who you'll enjoy working with!

Links to resources

  • Moz Pro - SEO tool. Highly recommend. A little pricey, but if you're serious about SEO, it's so worth it.

  • Calendly - this is how couples schedule in meetings with us.

  • Small Time - not a resource, just an amazing bar in Brunswick, Melbourne, that is our local and where we meet clients. Check it out for incredible live music (they actually do a lot in the artist development space), beautiful drinks and delicious US style pizza!

  • You can read more about how we work with couples in the lead up to their big day in this One More Song blog How we work with our clients.


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