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How we manage the "workflow" for our business One More Song

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In Episode 7, we chat about the use of workflows in our business One More Song DJs. This episode was a direct response to a listener's question! (We've been using this word quite a bit apparently in our podcast).

One of the major improvements we made to the business last year was making our process of managing our bookings more efficient. Workflows were a big part of this!

What is a workflow, you ask? Put simply, a workflow a list of things to do from inception (enquiry stage), right through to the fulfilment stage (after a wedding is done).

Our workflow management is contained in our CRM (customer relationship management) system of choice - Tave. If you are looking into a CRM, definitely check out Tave! You can use this referral link and get a 60 day free trial to see if it's the right CRM for you!

Streamlining our workflow has had multiple benefits, as we discuss on this episode!

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If we've used other terms in our podcast that you'd like to learn more about, please hit us up! We'd love to share more knowledge if we can!

Links to other resources mentioned:

  • Another CRM system popular for individuals in the wedding space is Studio Ninja.

  • Dubsado is another option.

  • We still manage labels in Gmail by the way! If you want to organise your inbox, here's an article that explains more.

  • If you want an alternative to Excel, check out Airtable. It is cloud based and has loads of impressive functionality including email automation and integration with other apps.


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