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Rebranding your business with Hitched By Heidi (who's killing it!)

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In Episode 9, we speak to Heidi Rayment (Hitched By Heidi), a wedding celebrant, MC and host of the Effortless Weddings podcast. She's been described by clients as an "epic party wrapped up in your favourite warm blanket". What a description!

Heidi went through a rebrand like we did for our business One More Song last year. After a few years of being a celebrant, 2020 saw Heidi spending most of the year in lockdown and going into some deep soul searching about why her business wasn't delivering the amount of work she really wanted.

What resulted was a big rebrand that transformed her business. In terms of enquiries, Heidi went from the sound of crickets to around 5 enquiries a week and even 5 a day during crazy peak season.

She's also launched a new business Elopement Adventures!

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Some key takeaways from this episode:

  • There are 9,000 celebrants in Australia! If you gave everyone an equal slice of the pie, each civil celebrant would only do 6 weddings a year! Eek!

  • In the context of clients looking for a bargain, Heidi talks about the fact that she doesn't play in that space because her business not a "hobby business" - we love this way of describing it!

  • In Heidi's experience, wedding expos are a great marketing channel for celebrants because couples get to chat to you and really get to know you and your personality.

  • Wedding directories are also really useful to be on because clients can find everything in one place. They're also good for SEO and they're super active on Instagram.

  • Join networking groups! Heidi changed her mindset from "This is expensive" to "I'm investing in myself" and she says it changed her life.

  • Look at what's already working and translate that into your online and social presence. For Heidi, this was wedding expos!

  • Get a mailing list to let your audience know about new services you're offering and to send helpful tips. You can't rely on just the one particular marketing platform.

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