• Eddy & Aleks

S2, Ep3: Self employed vs 9 to 5 - a brief reflection

On this shorter episode, we (podcast hosts Aleks and Eddy) chat about what it's like to be fully self employed versus working for someone else!

It's been one full year since Aleks left her 9-5 to focus fully on One More Song DJs and start her own marketing biz, Pump Me Up!

We use the opportunity to reflect on what it was like back in the "9 to 5" world, as opposed to running your own small business. We ask the question on just how many hours you tend to work with your own business (we are sure that it's no surprise - it's more than 8 hours per day!).

We also chat through how it can more difficult to "switch off" if you're running your own biz too.

We round out the episode discussing how vital it is to hire an amazing accountant to make life a little easier on the financial side of things!

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