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S2, Ep6: Wedding Workflows: Rescuing burn-out wedding professionals with automation & outsourcing

We bet quite a few of you fall into the category of "burnt-out wedding professionals". What a couple of years it's been! If this is you and you're ready to make a change and be taken out of your comfort zone, boy, have we got an episode for you!

In Episode 6, we chat to the absolute legend that is Yarra Valley based photographer Rick Liston. Rick is also a workflow fanatic and the man behind Wedding Workflows, a business that helps burnt out wedding professionals with automation and outsourcing to help buy you more time, serve your couples better and scale your dream business! Umm, sign us up!

We could have talked to Rick for hours. His whole outlook will both challenge and inspire you. Forever obsessed with exploring innovative ways to work with purpose, his business Wedding Workflows is about preserving your time and creative energy for the breadwinning areas while automating and outsourcing the laborious tasks that prevent you from doing so.

In this episode, we chat to Rick about his story, all things workflows, automation and some of his tips for introducing better workflows in your wedding business today. And more importantly, we talk a lot about WHY you should do it!

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