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S2, Ep7: Banish boring copy forever: tips from expert copywriter and coach Hayley Maxwell

In this episode we chat about a very important topic - how to write copy for your business that will attract your ideal clients!

In Episode 7, we chat to Hayley Maxwell, a brand clarity and messaging coach, copywriter, ferocious ice cream eater, and leopard print lover… (and not necessarily in that order). She’s been honing her skills since the early 2000s. She’s helped Government entities, charities, global corporations and small businesses master their message, and then bring it to rip-roaring life with compelling, respectful copywriting that inspires action.

Her mission is to help her clients become memorable, meaningful, and the only real choice for the people they really want to help. Hayley is also the host of the Fierce Impact podcast and creator of the Website Copy Accelerator course.

In this ep, we focus on really practical tips to help you banish boring copy, as Hayley would say!

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