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The true meaning of marriage equality with Alex Ross, founder of LGBTQI+ guide Theodore

In this episode, we chat about a super important issue in the wedding industry - inclusivity and how as a vendor, you can genuinely support marriage equality.

We interviewed Alex Ross (pictured right), the founder and creator of Theodore magazine - formerly Mr Theodore - Australia's largest LGBTQI+ wedding guide dedicated to promoting the finest wedding suppliers who are supportive of marriage equality.

The guide has been around since 2015 and we've been a part of it since One More Song was established. Alex has been awesome to work with. He's a very savvy marketer and that definitely comes in handy when you're a supplier listing on Theodore.

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What we love most is that Alex advocates for inclusivity in the wedding industry and makes it easy for LGBTQI+ couples to find their dream suppliers.

In this episode, Alex shares his deeply personal story about why he founded Theodore. We also chat with him about where Australia is at in terms of support for LGBTQI+ marriage and how to ensure that you're a truly inclusive wedding supplier.


  • There are still outdated views when it comes to LGBTQI+ marriage in conservative pockets of society. Changes to the Marriage Equality Act have (unfortunately) not necessarily changed attitudes so there are still wedding vendors out there who do not support LGBTQI+ weddings.

  • Supporting marriage equality is about respecting the individual, regardless of gender or sexual preference, and believing that everyone is entitled to a loving relationship and marriage. This appeals to ALL supporters of marriage equality, not just members of the LGBTQI+ community.

  • Changing the language you use to describe your couples is one very easy and effective way of promoting inclusivity. Vendors need to stop referring to "brides" as their clients! Using terms such as "couple" and "wedding party" instead of bridal party are two easy ways of making this change in your marketing.

  • Alex is always happy to speak to vendors about ways they can support the community. A large part of his role is educating the industry.


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