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Your money personality and its effect on your mindset with Nicole Alesios

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

In Episode 15, we speak to Geelong based money mindset coach and speaker, Nicole Alesios! Oooh, money... and mindset... such important topics!

Nicole helps female service based business owners value and price their time accordingly and have easier money conversations, firstly with themselves and secondly, with their clients and prospects.

She started her career in human resources and has worked with large and medium sized companies, C-suite executives, high net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, across a number of sectors including publishing, utilities, pharmaceutical and property and well-being.

She now consults privately and although she works with women-led businesses, we spoke to her about how everyone can identify and change their mindset around money. In this episode we share Eddy and Aleks' money personalities (hint: they're very different!) and how that affects mindset, and Nicole offers some tips for how to approach those difficult money conversations.

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We think this topic is especially important for wedding vendors as the pandemic has really challenged a lot of us financially and we've been thrown into having many uncomfortable money conversations. It's also made a lot of us think hard about what we're charging clients and the value we offer.

PS - we had a couple of technical glitches with the Wifi. We had to edit out where Nicole talks about "shadows" within different money personalities (which she references again later), which are basically the challenges that we face!

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